Red Wine Style

Reminiscent of an elegant red wine.



12 x 330 ml
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The Red Wine style creates a flavourful alternative to the elegant red wines made from Pinot Noir grapes. The base of the sparkling tea is made from the queen of forest berries, blueberries.

With the addition of blackcurrant, the duo creates the archetype of the perfectly ripe black berry. The fireweed has a floral and apricot aroma, but the Pu-erh balances the Red Wine style taste with its earthy and woody notes found in the great red wines of Burgundy.

Taste notes

A rich base of blueberries and blackcurrants creates a Red Wine style flavour. Floral and oak aromas add to its complexity. The texture is velvety yet well defined.

Serve chilled in a red wine glass.


Fermented tea drink. Carbonated.

Ingredients: Druskininkai spring water, juices (blueberry*, blackcurrant*, chokeberry*), sugar*, tea (hibiscus*, pu-erh*, fireweed*, assam*), fermented tea culture (medusomyces gisevi)*.
*organic raw material

Nutritional value per 100 ml: Energy 35 kJ/8 kcal; Fat 0 g; of which saturates 0 g; Carbohydrate 2,0 g; of which sugars 1,9 g; Protein 0,1 g; Salt <0,03 g.

Store between + 2 ºC and + 24 ºC. Enjoy chilled. Open slowly. Once opened, store at + 4 ºC to + 6 ºC, consume within 3 days. Natural sediment may occur. Alc. 0,0 % by volume.

Additional information: Certified by LT-EKO-001. EU agriculture.

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