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White Wine Style

The first gold medal!
In the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage competition in London White Wine Style sparkling tea received international recognition and earned a gold medal.
Among hundreds of various beverages from around the world, during blind tastings, the select committee awarded us the highest rating.

Noble, natural and changing the way you think about soft drinks.

Non-alcoholic and suitable for lunch and dinner tables as well as for special occasions. Sparkling wine-style tea drinking is a whole new experience.

Let a new world of flavours and experiences belong to you.

Designed by a sommelier
Goes well with food
0.0% non-alcoholic

Wine-style sparkling tea.

From White Wine Style to Spritz Style, we have a range that’s perfect for every moment of life.

ACALA embodies a sparkling experience for your moments of joy, bringing as much solemnity as a glass of champagne or wine.

Premium ingredients
Clear mind