As our friendship has flourished over the years, together with Ieva Mackevičienė we have journeyed through a world of unique flavors. The captivating ingredients and flavor combinations we’ve discovered are now embodied in our sparkling tea drink, VOYAGE. This drink invites you on a dreamy gastronomic journey.


6 x 750 ml
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VOYAGE is a complex yet incredibly refreshing drink that enchants with its unexpected gastronomic experience, harmoniously complemented by the luxurious notes of Damascus roses.
The roses are cultivated at altitudes of up to 1 km in the mountains, where they are pampered by the sun’s warmth during the day and endure the bitter weather at night. To preserve their richest and most exquisite aromas, the flowers are picked at dawn in the early morning. Thanks to a unique methodology passed down through generations, these roses are now in their fourth generation of cultivation, maintaining extremely high standards and the finest quality.

Taste notes

The first note is a medley of fruity wild raspberries, exotic lychees, and sweet and sour rhubarb, freshly picked from the garden. These fresh berry and fruit accords are elegantly enveloped in silky rose blossoms with a warm touch of wood.

VOYAGE is a particularly complex drink, offering a modern twist on the classic berry and flower duo.


Sparkling tea. Carbonated.

Ingredients: Druskininkai spring water, sugar, tea (hemp, green tea, lemongrass, hibiscus), fermented tea, juniper berry, Damask rose flower extract.

Nutritional value per 100 ml: Energy 35 kJ/8 kcal; Fat 0 g; of which saturates 0 g; Carbohydrate 2,0 g; of which sugars 1,9 g; Protein 0,1 g; Salt <0,03 g.

Store between + 2 ºC and + 24 ºC. Enjoy chilled. Open slowly. Once opened, store at + 4 ºC to + 6 ºC, consume within 3 days. Natural sediment may occur. Alc. 0,0 % by volume.

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