3 different batches of Wind Shadow - organic kombucha

An offer that allows You to dive deeper into subtle tastes of ACALA Premium Kombucha


It is a long known plant, which also grows in Lithuanian forests and right now is blossoming. A world known tea – Ivan Chai is made from fireweed. It can balance the nervous system, improve heart functioning and of course, fireweed is used for our own Wind Shadow organic production, which was awarded with a golden product of the year award in 2020.

Because we wanted to mark the blossoming of this amazing plant we are offering three different batches of this kombucha to You. It was made just from fireweed, part of it was brewed in oak barrels and to this moment it matures in our colection. It is the first time ever we are proposing to buy drinks from our kombucha archives.

The fireweed used in our production is very thoroughly prepared. The farmer, which sells us this wonderful organic fireweed, picks every plant by hand, separates leaves from the flowers and finally dries it out in a natural way on white cloth. This makes the drink more subltle, elegant and complex.



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Different batches and ages

Like in wine world every batch of our kombucha vary one from another.

Batch WS008: Produced in January. Wonderful synergy of new oak barrel and fireweed aroma. Luxurious wood odor intertwined with ripe abricots. The taste is sturdy, complex, ripe but at the same time with a long lasting aftertaste. 95/100.

Batch WS015: Produced in May. Elegant and mineral aroma, like in light champagne. Refreshing tastes with lemon zest and oak aftertaste. 92/100

Batch WS016: Produced in June. Subtle passion fruit, sea bucktorn and mango aromas. In the taste you can feel honey, oat biscuit and refreshing quince aftertaste. 93/100.

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