White Wine Style

As a medium intensity white wine.



12 x 330 ml
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The aroma and flavour of the White Wine style are born from the perfect combination of two teas. Similar in style to the Chardonnay white wine from Burgundy. These ACALA highlights are highlighted by Felina hemp tea and green tea from the famous Yunnan region of China.

The white wine style is distinguished by its balanced complexity – the lingering aftertaste is a perfect match for a variety of dishes.

Taste notes

The fragrance starts with hints of hazelnuts and almonds, continues with a soft aroma of calendula and elderflower and ends with earthy notes.

The taste is rich and extravagant, yet fresh and balanced.

Serve chilled in a white wine glass.


Fermented tea drink. Carbonated.

Ingredients: Druskininkai spring water, sugar*, tea (cannabis*, green*, lemongrass*), fermented tea culture (medusomyces gisevi)*.
*organic raw material

Nutritional value per 100 ml: Energy 35 kJ/8 kcal; Fat 0 g; of which saturates 0 g; Carbohydrate 2,0 g; of which sugars 1,9 g; Protein 0,1 g; Salt <0,03 g.

Store between + 2 ºC and + 24 ºC. Enjoy chilled. Open slowly. Once opened, store at + 4 ºC to + 6 ºC, consume within 3 days. Natural sediment may occur. Alc. 0,0 % by volume.

Additional information: Certified by LT-EKO-001. EU agriculture.

Pairs perfectly with

Rich cheese, e.g. Camembert
Rich cheese, e.g. Camembert
Fried chicken
Fried chicken
Creamy soups
Creamy soups
Halibut, cod, salmon
Halibut, cod, salmon

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